Live naturally, choose wool

Our “live naturally, choose wool” campaign, published across New Zealand in 2023, is aimed at explaining how wool products in your homes are a much better solution to plastic alternatives.

Print advertising

An overwhelmingly successful consumer campaign across New Zealand to grow awareness of wool fibre and help convert potential customers to purchase wool instead of less sustainable alternatives.

A multi-channel campaign including TV, Print, Radio, Digital, Social, and PR

Our advertising was placed in Hyundai Country Calendar, Kia Ora, Life and Leisure, Verve (+ other tactical publications), The Breeze, iHeart, digital placements and Meta from July through to October 2023 (and beyond!)


Media Strategy:  ABV Marketing, Kara Biggs

PR and Copywriting:  Contentment Agency, Fiona Fraser

Creative design:  Ponder Design, Kylie Parish

Photographer: Richard Wood

Television, radio and online advertising

Our 30 second television commercial will broadcast on Hyundai Country Calendar in July, August and September 2023.  This advertisement talks of micro-plastics in the ocean and asks consumers to choose wool instead.

Using the audio from our advertisement, we broadcast radio advertising on radio in August 2023.


Longform original graphics and voiceover created by Campaign for Wool UK.

Shortened TVC version rescoped by ABV Marketing, Kara Biggs

Edited by Mayer Broadcast and Media Production, Grant Mayer

Kia Ora and Life and Leisure –  July, 2023

Kia Ora and Verve: August, 2023

Kia Ora: September, 2023

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