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Your annual subscription to our Partner Portal supports initiatives which help grow the New Zealand wool industry. In return, you will have access to many resources and tools to help your wool business grow including a 200+ photo image library for use in your marketing!

Our purpose is to support strong wool growers by educating people and promoting the benefits of wool fibre. Our work aims to shift consumer preference toward New Zealand wool and away from unsustainable synthetic alternatives.
Your subscription to our partner portal will be used to expand our initiatives and help our New Zealand wool industry prosper for the future.

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Together with our wool partners, we are creating a secure future for New Zealand strong wool through education and promoting wool fibre.

Not only does your annual subscription allow us to continue to create, deliver and expand initiatives such as Wool in Schools, Wool in Architecture and Wool in Media – as a regular subscriber, you will also receive full access to a suite of free photography, resources and research to help grow your business.

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Free use of over 200 professional photographs for your own sales and marketing platforms.


Validate your strategic decisions with access to our consumer, market and scientific research.


Help your business grow with useful wool resources for marketing, sales and operations.


Create clear strategic plans for your wool business with simple templates to help you ask the right questions.


Learn, discover, support, collaborate and find the help you need from other partners in our supply chain directory.


Learn about certification processes including the New Zealand Farm Assurance programme and RWS

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Your subscription helps fund key initiatives across education and promotion which supports demand for strong wool.  The Campaign for Wool New Zealand would not exist without the generous funding from the New Zealand wool industry.

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