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From the world’s finest pastures comes an extraordinary super fibre – New Zealand wool. Wool is the fibre for the future with significant benefits for your health, home and environment.

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Wool is the natural choice

There’s no other fibre like it in the world. While wool is soft, warm, strong, and technically versatile, it’s also naturally beautiful. The benefits of wool extend from durable homewares to high-performance activewear to luxurious accessories and more.

Designed by nature and nurtured with care, New Zealand wool is the world’s most premium fibre.

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Grown from a mixture of sunshine, grass, water and fresh air, sheep wool is made by nature, in nature.


Wool is the ultimate renewable resource. Every year sheep grow a glorious new fleece which must be shorn for the health and hygiene of the animal.


At the end of its life, wool can be returned to the soil and will degrade in a few months releasing nutrients into the ecosystem.

Planet friendly

Because wool biodegrades fully, using wool reduces the impact on the world’s landfills.

Ocean safe

Unlike plastics, wool does not release micro-plastics into our oceans and seas meaning it is safe for our waterways and aquatic wildlife.

Animal wellbeing

Happier sheep produce exceptional wool. New Zealand sheep are treated with the utmost care by our growers and this shows in the quality of the fibre.


The natural crimp of wool fibre causes air to be trapped between fibres enabling wool to provide warmth in winter and be cooling in summer.

Moisture regulation

Wool fibre absorbs water vapour decreasing humidity, condensation, and mould growth in the home.

Flame resistance

Wool is less flammable than synthetics and does not melt. Wool also produces less smoke when it burns, which is not as toxic.

Absorbs pollution

Small pores in the wool fibre absorb certain pollutants from the air creating a healthier indoor air environment.

Buffers sound

Due to the porosity of wool, sound waves penetrate wool fibres and dissipate. Wool carpets and insulation reduce noise within and between rooms.

Impact resistant

Wool is softer than hard flooring so falls on wool carpets cause fewer injuries. Wool carpet is also more slip-resistant than hard flooring.

Temperature regulation

Wool is a natural insulator by trapping air between the fibres so it keeps you cosy and warm in cool weather, and nice and cool in the heat.

Odour resistance

Wool doesn’t smell so bad. Tiny pores trap vapour from sweat wicking away moisture which decreases odour causing bacteria.


Wool locks away moisture and traps warm air between the fibres to keep you dryer and warmer for longer.

UV protection

Sheep don’t get sunburnt because their wool is a natural sunscreen. When you wear wool you’ll have protection too.

Easy care

The protective coating on wool fibres makes wool products resistant to staining and easy to clean. Many wool products are now machine washable.


Wool is resilient and elastic which means the fibres are less likely to break. This increases the life of wool much longer than other, more brittle fibres.

Fibre for the future, grown in New Zealand

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Your conscious commitment to purchase wool will benefit your home, your loved ones, and the planet. Opting for wool in your world is a natural choice.

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Our strategy serves to educate, promote and advocate for wool

In November 2022,  the Campaign for Wool New Zealand released an ambitious strategy to implement across three years until 2025.

The strategy outlines how the CFWNZ will narrow its focus to three primary strategic pillars: education, promotion and advocacy. This will ensure that New Zealand wool – in particular, strong wool – is better understood both here and abroad as a fully sustainable, natural, high performance super fibre.

Read all about our plans to take New Zealand wool to the world.

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Choose the planet, choose wool

The natural world is being threatened by microplastics. Man made textiles shed particles every time they’re cleaned.  Wool fibres biodegrade naturally in just a matter of months producing no harmful particles.

It may seem like a drop in the ocean, but opting for wool products can have a positive affect on the planet.

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Our global story was initiated by our patron, the former Prince of Wales

“In wool, we have the opportunity to support nature herself. To give back a little of what she gives us.

So, choosing a fibre which comes directly from the New Zealand countryside is ultimately going to keep us all healthier, happier and safer.”

The former Prince of Wales, The Campaign for Wool Patron

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