Lloyd Burr: The New Zealand wool industry needs backing

June 10, 2023

OPINION: Something popped up on Parliament’s select committee calendar this week: Briefing on the New Zealand Wool Industry.

Surprisingly, no one in the Newshub office was keen to cover it. They were all wondering if I was genuinely serious in wanting to cover it and flabbergasted when I said I was.   You see, I’m a knitter. An amateur one, but I can churn out scarves, beanies, and mittens. I’m currently working on my first-ever baby cardigan.

I have one rule: I only knit with natural fibres. I refuse to use anything synthetic, acrylic, or plastic which adds to the problem of microplastic.  Hence why I have an interest in the state of the New Zealand wool industry and its future.

If the attendance in Primary Production select committee room is anything to go by, the wool industry is in a dire state. No one was there. No members of the public, and no other journalists.

By Lloyd Burr

Read more about this at Newshub HERE

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