Why Wool Matters- a short documentary created by CFW, UK

April 7, 2022

In a world where micro-plastics and synthetic products are creating irreparable damage, why do we keep undervaluing wool as a natural alternative?

Watch a short documentary produced with HRH The Prince of Wales for the Campaign for Wool Against a background of misleading anti wool lobbying currently orchestrated by global giants of fast fashion. The Campaign for Wool decided to engage with leading academic experts in the field of land management and carbon sequestration to demonstrate the positive pastoral contribution the grazing of ruminants, particularly sheep, makes to the continued wellbeing of the planet.

These peer-reviewed findings add to already well-documented research revealing wool’s unique renewable and biodegradable end-of-life attributes and the contribution the fibre makes to the circular economy. The film targets the general consumer as well as environmental experts, farmers, the trade, retail buyers, educational networks, and influencers.

The aim is to find ways of reaching a wide audience and informing opinions.


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