Wool in Schools welcomes its 25,000th student to the Wool Shed

October 3, 2022

Since its inception in 2015, Wool In Schools has seen 25,000 children visit both containers.

A project that educates Kiwi school children about the wonders of wool has notched up its 25,000th student this month.

“Wool in Schools” uses two converted 20-foot shipping containers as “Wool Sheds”.

The containers travel the country visiting schools and sharing knowledge about wool, aiming to inspire students to use the sustainable, natural fibre in the future.

The project was set up by Campaign for Wool, a global initiative spearheaded by The Prince of Wales to raise awareness of the uses and benefits of wool.

Prince Charles opened the first Wool Shed at Tawa Intermediate in 2015 and interest from schools snowballed from there.

Chair of Campaign for Wool NZ, Tom O’Sullivan, said that while it was a “fantastic milestone” to educate 25,000 school students, there was still “a long way to go” for the project.

“[We] would like every school student in New Zealand to have the opportunity to experience the Wool Shed and learn about wool in this way.”



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