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The aesthetic beauty of wool

Beautify your surroundings with artistic pieces crafted from wool and discover the therapeutic joy of working with wool to make stunning creations.


Wool is the ultimate renewable resource. Every year sheep grow a glorious new fleece which must be shorn for the health and hygiene of the animal.


Grown from a mixture of sunshine, grass, water and fresh air, sheep wool is made by nature, in nature.


Wool is resilient and elastic which means the fibres are less likely to break. This increases the life of wool much longer than other, more brittle fibres.

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Wall Art

Christine Keller Art

Planet friendly

Because wool biodegrades fully, using wool reduces the impact on the world’s landfill.

Animal wellbeing

Happier sheep produce exceptional wool. New Zealand sheep are treated with utmost care and this shows in the quality of the fibre.


Soft and luxuriously comfortable, your beautiful wool creations will deliver everlasting warmth.

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Connect with your environment and feel healthier with wool in your life. As a natural fibre, wool creates stronger connectedness with the world around us.


Wool in your home is not only versatile and functional, it will add texture, luxurious comfort and unimaginable beauty to your indoor spaces.

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