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Comfortable, practical and naturally luxurious

Wool in your home is not only versatile and functional, it will add texture, luxurious comfort and unimaginable beauty to your indoor spaces.


The natural crimp of wool fibre causes air to be trapped between fibres enabling wool to provide warmth in winter and be cool in summer.

Moisture regulation

Wool fibre absorbs water vapour decreasing humidity, condensation and mould in the home.

Flame resistance

Wool is less flammable than synthetics and does not melt. Also, wool produces less smoke which is not as toxic.

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100% pure wool carpet

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Absorbs pollution

Small pores in the wool fibre effectively absorb certain pollutants from the air creating a healthier indoor air environment.

Buffers sound

Due to the porosity of wool, sound waves penetrate wool fibres and dissipate. Wool carpets and insulation reduce noise within and between rooms.

Impact resistant

Wool is softer than hard flooring so falls on wool carpets cause less injuries. Wool carpet is also more slip resistant than hard flooring.

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Aesthetically, wool is a fibre like no other. Beautify your surroundings with woollen artistic pieces. Discover the therapeutic joy of working with wool to make stunning creations.


Your wool clothing and accessories will be long lasting, timeless and beautiful. The epitome of quality in the fashion world, wool is also now easier to care for than ever.

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