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Feel better and live a happier life with wool

Connect with your environment and feel healthier with wool in your life. As a natural fibre, wool creates stronger connectedness with the world around us.


Grown from a mixture of sunshine, grass, water and fresh air, sheep wool is made by nature, in nature.


Wool is the ultimate renewable resource. Every year sheep grow a glorious new fleece which must be shorn for the health and hygiene of the animal.


At the end of it’s life, wool can be returned to the soil and will degrade in a few months releasing nutrients into the ecosystem.

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Planet friendly

Because wool biodegrades fully, using wool reduces the impact on the world’s landfill.

Ocean safe

Unlike plastics, wool does not release micro-plastics into our oceans and seas meaning it is safe for our waterways and aquatic wildlife.

Animal health

Happier sheep produce exceptional wool. New Zealand sheep are treated with utmost care by our growers and this shows in the quality of the fibre.

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Wool in your home is not only versatile, functional and incredibly durable, it will also add texture, luxurious comfort and unimaginable beauty to your indoor spaces.

Arts & Crafts

Aesthetically, wool is a fibre like no other. Beautify your world with artistic pieces crafted with wool. Discover the therapeutic joy of working with wool to make stunning creations.

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