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The future of sustainable fashion is wool

Your wool clothing and accessories will be long lasting, timeless and beautiful. The epitome of quality in the fashion world, wool is now easier to care for than ever.

Easy care

The protective coating on wool fibres make wool products resistant to staining and easy to clean. Many wool products are now machine washable.


Wool is resilient and elastic which means the fibres are less likely to break. This increases the life of wool much longer than other, more brittle fibres.


Grown from a mixture of sunshine, grass, water and fresh air, sheep wool is made by nature, in nature.

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Temperature regulation

Wool is a natural insulator by trapping air between the fibres so it keeps you cosy and warm in cool weather, and nice and cool in the heat.

Odour resistance

Wool doesn’t smell so bad. Tiny pores trap vapour from sweat wicking away moisture which decreases odour causing bacteria.


Wool locks away moisture within the pores of the fibre which keeps the fabric dryer. This, in turn, keep the fabric, and you warmer.

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Wool in your home is not only versatile and functional, it will add texture, luxurious comfort and unimaginable beauty to your indoor spaces.

Arts & Crafts

Aesthetically, wool is a fibre like no other. Beautify your surroundings with woollen artistic pieces. Discover the therapeutic joy of working with wool to make creations with wool.

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